3 Best Golf Drinking Games

3 Best Golf Drinking Games

Looking for a new way to get drunk with your friends? Try adding some golf to the mix! Golf drinking games are a fun way to bring a little competition to your Saturday night. (Do note that the word “golf” is used lightly, as these games involve more putt-putt than they do golf.) Here are three golf drinking games to try out!

1. Pub Golf (aka Bar Golf)

Pub golf is a fun, golf-less drinking game that will add some competition to your 18-bar pub crawl. This game gets its somewhat misleading name from the scorecard that uses golf rules to keep score for each drinker.

Man with Seltzer Hut on golf course

To have a successful night of pub golf, you’ll have to establish par values in relation to a kind of drink and the maximum number of gulps it should take to finish the drink. For example, a bottle of beer could be par 2, which would mean that you’d have to finish a bottle of beer in two gulps to get a perfect score. Any extra gulps count as strokes and are written down on your scorecard.

There are also other rules you can add to up the ante, but that’s up to you! Pub golf takes a bit of planning, but it can be a fun way to try something new with your friends.

2. Shot Golf Drinking Game

If you’re looking for something you can play at home, then a shot golf drinking game would be perfect for you! This kind of game involves a miniature version of a golf course complete with a tiny putter and little steel balls.

After you successfully sink your ball, pick up one of the six shot glasses positioned on either side of the little golf course. The writing on the shot glass will dictate who gets to drink! Either you (the person who made the shot), someone you pick, or someone the glass chooses will have to drink the shot! Make sure to bring your A game because tiny golf is no joke!

3. PutterBall

Beer pong is so last season, which makes it a great time to try PutterBall. PutterBall swaps out beer pong’s cups filled with beer and ping pong balls, for some putters and a little PutterBall turf board with six holes. Each time someone sinks a ball, that hole is covered up with a hole cover, and the opposing team must chug their drinks.

This game can be kind of tricky, so you may be waiting a little while in between drinks, which makes Seltzer Hut’s koozies perfect for this game! Our koozies will keep your drinks cool no matter how long it takes your uncoordinated friends to sink a ball. Also, our koozies fit ANY slim-can drink, so you can keep it fun each round by switching out your type of drink with ease!

Two Seltzer Hut slim can insulators on Golf Course

Who knew golf would be the next big thing in drinking games? No matter what new drinking game craze comes your way, rest assured that our aluminum and copper triple-walled koozies will be there to help keep your drink ice-cold!

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