4 Fun Bachelorette Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

4 Fun Bachelorette Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Summer weddings are just around the corner, which means that bachelorette parties are coming up! If you’re a part of the bridal party or the bride herself, you’ll need some cute gifts to make sure things go off, ironically, without a hitch. Delight your bridesmaids with some fun gifts that are sure to stand out!

1. Pajamas

Surprise your bridesmaids with something fun that you can all get cozy in after a bachelorette night out. With pajamas, there are so many options to choose from and you can get all matching sets or pieces specific to each girlfriend. Try for a fun pattern, creative color, or unique style if you really want to get something fun! A girl can never have too many pajamas!

2. Travel-sized Jewelry Box

A small jewelry box is another great gift for your bridesmaids! On her wedding day, she’ll no doubt be thinking about a million different things, and her jewelry should not be one of them! A travel-sized jewelry box will be the perfect size to hold all their earrings, necklace, bracelets, pins, etc. for traveling to your big day! You can even get the box monogrammed for each bridesmaid and include a cute, beaded bracelet inside.

3. Colorful Drink Koozie

Seltzer Hut’s koozies would make a perfect gift for brides and bridesmaids alike at the bachelorette party. Cocktails are an important part of a bachelorette party, and there’s nothing worse than warm and flat drinks. Our triple-walled aluminum and copper koozies will help keep your slim-can drinks cold throughout an entire night of partying. They come in nine different colors, and we even sell them in our 3-pack Bundaroos, so you can get more koozies for less dough!

Personalize the koozies with stickers that spell out the name of your bridesmaid and their favorite things! You can even decorate the koozies to fit any theme. Whether you’re attending a classy affair or something a bit raunchier, use stickers to match your koozie to your theme.

4. Dressing Gown

Dressing gowns are another useful gift for brides and bridesmaids alike! Make sure to get light, short kimono-style dressing gowns, as opposed to a heavy bathrobe.

For brides, a lacy, white dressing gown is always a perfect choice. You can even find dressing gowns that say “Bride” on the back, or you can always get one made with her name or the date of the wedding! For bridesmaids, it would be fun to get colorful (not white!) gowns for all the girls that match the wedding colors. Having the bride wear a white dressing gown with her bridesmaids in matching colorful gowns for the morning of the wedding will make for some super cute “getting ready” photos!

When picking out gifts for your bridesmaids, try to find something that is just as useful as it is pretty. That way, they will be able to use and enjoy the gift even after the wedding is over. Keep it simple and elegant, and you can’t go wrong!


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