4 Fun College Must Haves You Might Not Have Thought About

4 Fun College Must Haves You Might Not Have Thought About

The start of a new year at college can be overwhelming. With the stress of new classes and new academic expectations, it’s important to remember to find the time to recharge and relax when you need to. Here are several things that will help make your dorm room or small apartment a relaxing space for you and your friends to chill out in after class! 

1. HDMI Cord and A Cheap TV

 Streaming tv shows and movies is a popular way to decompress after a long day of lectures and exams. But trying to stream something with your friends (or even by yourself) on a tiny laptop screen can be frustrating. Save yourself some time and energy by buying an HDMI cord and a cheap tv with an HDMI port. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive smart tv when you can turn any tv into a smart tv with a cord, laptop, and inexpensive tv. Keep movie nights with your friends fun and easy with a screen that’s big enough for everyone to see!

2. Small Storage Ottomans

Storage is essential for creating an organized, calm space in a dorm room or small apartment. It’s a good idea to be smart with your purchases by trying to find furniture that you can use in different ways, which makes small storage ottomans a perfect option! Small, cubelike storage ottomans with a removable lid are a great place to store things like linens, shoes, books, extra school supplies, or anything else you want in there! Because of their size, these little ottomans should easily fit underneath your bed without taking up all your floor space. Also, these storage ottomans can double as seating for when friends come over to visit, which makes them multipurpose! Small storage ottomans are a smart choice for small living spaces.

3. Seltzer Hut Koozie

At the end of a long day, upperclassmen know that sometimes having a drink is the best way to relax with some friends. Seltzer Hut’s slim-can drink koozies would make a great addition to any upperclassmen’s college home. Our koozies are insulated with copper to help keep your drinks cool for hours after you take them out of the fridge, and they come in a variety of colors that are sure to match the color scheme of anyone’s room. Our slim-can koozies also come in variety packs so you can even have a koozie for each of your friends when they come to visit. Keep your drinks cool and tasty for hours with our koozies! 

4. Fun Decor

Finally, one of the best ways to turn a standard dorm room into a little haven is to personalize it! If you’re going for a cozy, chill vibe, find décor and accents that use soft colors and different textures (i.e. firm, soft, plush, rough) to add an extra layer of design to your room – pillows, throws, baskets and fun prints for the walls. Also, find string lights or other little lights that give off a warm light that’s easy on the eyes and comforting. Spend some time picking out décor that looks good together and makes you happy. They can make all the difference for a comfortable, stress-free environment!



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