5 Best Slim Can Hard Seltzers for the Summer

5 Best Slim Can Hard Seltzers for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner! And with summer, comes longer and hotter days jam-packed with fun events with friends and family. If you’re like us, then you know that summer events are best paired with a slim-can drink. Here are 5 awesome hard seltzers that will add a little zest to each of your events this summer:

1. White Claw Surge

While it’s hard to go wrong with a classic White Claw, White Claw now offers a new Surge drink that may very well upstage the original. This drink comes in two delicious flavors: cranberry and blood orange. This fruity and tangy drink would be perfect for a cute summer date spent picnicking in your local park or botanical gardens with your bae. To help keep your drinks cool on your walk to the perfect picnic spot, be sure to use your favorite Seltzer Hut koozie! Our triple-walled aluminum and copper koozies will help keep your drinks cold and bubbly, no matter how long it takes you to figure out where to eat.

2. Bud Light’s Seltzer Lemonade

Who ever said that lemonade can’t have a little alcohol in it? Bud Light sure didn’t! Bud Light’s Seltzer Lemonade is a refreshing drink that comes in peach, strawberry, black cherry, and original lemonade flavors. Each drink is only 100 calories, which makes it a light drink perfect for a lazy pool day. Keep it safe from the sun’s rays by shielding it in your Seltzer Hut koozie! Our koozies are insulated to withstand the hottest of heat, no matter how long you’re chilling outside.

3. Smirnoff’s Spiked Sparkling Seltzer

For your next casual party with friends, try our Smirnoff’s Spiked Sparkling Seltzer. They come in watermelon, cranberry lime, orange mango, and more flavors that are sure to add something new and exciting to your next party! These drinks are so delicious that you may find that they’re going faster than you can restock them. Make sure that everyone brings their Seltzer Hut koozie to help tell their seltzers apart!

4. Press’s Blood orange Chili Premium Hard Seltzer

If you’re looking to try something unique, then look no further than Press’s Blood orange Chili Premium Hard Seltzer. This seltzer is perfect for people who love a little extra spice in their life. The chili will active tastebuds you didn’t even know you had, which makes this drink fun at karaoke nights at your favorite outdoor bar. Bring your Seltzer Hut koozie with you to help keep your drink cold in between songs to make sure that your voice is at peak performance!

5. Bon and Viv’s Spiked Prickly Pear Seltzer

Bon and Viv’s seltzer is a refreshing and classy drink sure to satisfy anyone. These drinks would be perfect for an outdoor wedding no matter how hot the day! In fact, our koozies would be a perfect gift for the happy couple who are having to run around and see people during the reception. Our koozies will keep their seltzers cold and ready to go for them when they’re able to relax and have a drink to celebrate their big day.

 Having a full summer schedule can seem daunting and stressful. So don’t forget to bring some fun seltzers and Seltzer Hut koozies to help keep everyone refreshed and happy!

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