6 Best Drinks that Come in Slim Cans

6 Best Drinks that Come in Slim Cans

With summer just around the corner, the hunt for the best canned drinks is on! A drink can make or break a fun event, so you have to make sure you have the right one. This list will help you play matchmaker with your drinks and events!

1. BABE 100 Rosé with Bubbles

ABV: 6.9%

BABE’s canned wine offers all of the flavor and alcohol content of a glass of wine without having to dig out your wine glasses! These drinks are super low-cal and bursting with flavor, and they’ll be perfect for a brunch date with your friends! 

2. Cocktail Squad Cocktails

ABV: 5-10%

Try something new with a low-cal and zero-card cocktails from Cocktail Squad. They come in a ton of flavors like margarita, bourbon smash, whisky sour, and more! Save yourself some hassle at your next dinner party by having fancy pre-made cocktails ready to go right out of the can! Your selection of different drinks is sure to impress your friends.

3. Corona Light

ABV: 4.1%

Corona Light is perfect for any game day. From football to hockey to soccer, Corona Light will help keep the atmosphere fun even if your team isn’t doing so hot. Corona Light even goes super well with all of your favorite snack like chips and chicken wings, so it’s sure to be a game day favorite. 

4. Truly Hard Seltzer

ABV: 5%

Truly Hard Seltzer are another great low-cal option that will keep you looking great and feeling even better. With an array of fruit flavors to choose from, Truly Hard Seltzer will keep you and your friends truly happy while hanging out together! Whether you’re playing a board game or binging the latest episode of your favorite show, this hard seltzer will keep you feeling refreshed.

5. White Claw

ABV: 5%

The highlight of every summer is chilling out around a pool. In the burning heat of the sun, it’s always best to have a drink on hand, and what could be better than the famous White Claw? White Claw comes in a sleek can in all kinds of flavors that will keep you coming back for more. But pool days can warm your drink up faster than you can drink it. At Seltzer Hut’s koozies, we offer triple-walled aluminum and copper koozies to keep your beverage from getting too warm in the sun. In fact, these koozies will fit any of the other drinks on this list! Whether you’re sharing a meal or watching the big game with your friends, our koozies from Seltzer Hut will keep you cool!

6. Kahlua Nitro Cold Brew

ABV: 4.5%

Calling all coffee lovers! Kahlua Nitro Cold Brew may be your next big obsession! This canned drink will give you your coffee fix with the added bonus of delicious rum! And it’s perfect for a little sweet treat after a long day without all of the calories.

No matter what drink you choose, remember to enjoy your time with friends and family. And keep the canned booze flowing!

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