6 Best Slim Can Drinks for Labor Day 2021

6 Best Slim Can Drinks for Labor Day 2021

Labor Day is just about here, which means it’s time to start figuring out the best slim-can drinks for a Labor Day celebration. While drinks like canned beer are a popular choice, it might be a fun idea to shake things up this year! Here are six slim-can drink options for your Labor Day party!


1. Owl’s Brew Teas

It’s hard to beat the refreshing taste of a cold glass of iced tea during a party on a hot day, which makes Owl’s Brew’s teas perfect for your outdoor Labor Day party. These vegan teas come in a variety of flavors including, jasmine tea with blueberry and lemon flavoring and white tea with raspberry and watermelon flavor. Keep your refreshing glass of iced tea cold all afternoon with a Seltzer Hut koozie. Our koozies are copper-insulated and come in tons of different colors! We’ll help keep your Labor Day drinks cold and yummy no matter how hot it is outside!


2. Elenita Sparkling Mezcal Cocktails

Elenita’s cocktails are made in Mexico with a delicious mezcal. Their mezcal makes their drink stand out from other liquor-seltzer mixes on the market with fun flavors like pineapple jalapeno and passionfruit paloma. Elenita’s cocktails are great for a party spent lounging and relaxing by a pool.


3. Volley Tequila

Volley’s drinks are another great mixed drink with hard liquor and seltzer water. This drink is made with blue agave tequila, and it doesn’t have any added sugar, which makes it a great low-calorie option. Volley comes in four refreshing flavors including, zesty lime, spicy ginger, sharp grapefruit, and tropical mango. These yummy drinks would be perfect for a Labor Day party spent playing games like volleyball or cornhole outside with your friends!


4. Pampelonne

Pampelonne’s sparkling wine cocktails are made with French wine that will make you feel like a fancy sommelier! These drinks come in flavors like blood orange spritz and Rosé lime that would add something special to a morning or early-afternoon brunch with a small group of friends or family.


5. Greenbar Rum and Cola

Greenbar’s rum and cola cocktail is a slim-canned take on a classic drink. This drink has fewer calories than the typical rum and cola that highlights spicy flavors of the rum. Greenbar’s easy-going drink is sure to delight college-aged relatives, as well as older family members, which makes this rum and cola perfect for family Labor Day get together.


6. Jim Beam Classic Highball

Jim Beam’s Classic Highball canned drinks are another fun take on a classic drink. The Highball comes two ways, bourbon and ginger ale or bourbon and seltzer water. Both drinks are made with Jim Beam’s well-known bourbon, so you know the drinks are quality. These premixed classic drinks will make your Labor Day party fun for everyone because no one gets stuck playing bartender for everyone else. These drinks would be perfect for a chill party with friends or an afternoon spent outside with family.


Labor Day parties just got so much easier with canned cocktails. And don’t forget to bring your Seltzer Hut koozies to the party to keep your drinks ice-cold and delicious all day!

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