6 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

No matter what your St. Patty’s Day looks like, it’s worth celebrating in style! And while opinions on green beer can vary, there’s no doubt that some kind of tasty beer pairs perfectly with the holiday. These activities are just the right amount of fun and drinking combined to make St. Patrick’s Day one to remember. And since you’ll be doing them with a beer in hand, we suggest taking along a triple-walled aluminum and copper koozie to keep your beer cold and your hand comfy!

1. Check Your Pubs for Local Music – and More

Local music – especially anything with a Celtic bent – is an especially popular way to celebrate, and very easy to set up with a quick search of events in your local pubs and breweries. Many have switched plans to open-air concerts and celebrations to improve safety and allow for social distancing, but it’s still the same experience, and best enjoyed with a beer in hand (and tasty food on the way). Some pubs really go all out with beer hoisting contests, dunking booths, multi-day musical festivals, and much more, so it’s always worth checking to see what’s happening locally.

2. Local Festival Events

This year most St. Patty’s Day parades and festivals are still closed or limited, but we’re still seeing a lot of innovative activities taking their place. There are St. Patty’s Day runs, bagpipe contests, drive-throughs with decorated cars, Irish mask competitions, and more. See what’s happening and if there’s anything you’d like to be a part of!

3. Plan an Irish Movie Night

Sometimes settling down and snuggling in for a movie night is exactly what everyone needs. For St. Patty’s, choose an Irish classic for the right theme and make sure everyone has enough of their favorite beer! If you’re drawing a blank on good Irish movies to watch, here’s an excellent modern list filled with ideas for all types of movie fans (and families).


4. Irish Blessing Contest

A common tradition for the day is to recite Irish blessings aloud to your friends and family. It’s charming, fun, and very friendly for virtual parties or in-person gatherings alike. One of the best ways is to have everyone find their favorite blessings and nominate the very best (prizes optional). Oh, and you aren’t doing the blessing right unless everyone takes a drink afterward!

5. Play a Little Shot Potato

If these activities don’t have quite enough drinking in them for your taste, here’s a fan favorite option: Shot Potato is like playing Hot Potato, but with drinking. Everyone circles up, starts a quick playlist of Irish jigs, and begins tossing the potato. Whoever is holding the potato when the music suddenly stops must take a drink and sit the round out. The last person left standing wins!

6. Gather Friends for an Irish Feast

The best holiday meals are the ones where everyone chips in, the stew cooks all day long, and there’s something tasty coming out of the oven or being poured in a glass. Gather close friends and family together for a feast day to celebrate St. Patrick and create your favorite Irish dishes. Popular dishes for the day include soda bread, meat and potatoes stew (with endless variations), beef pies/pasties, colcannon, corned beef and roasted cabbage, apple cake, and any kind of cheesy potatoes.

This activity can also combine well with a movie night, lawn games, and of course anything else you’d like to do!


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