7 Amazing Beer Adventures in the U.S.

7 Amazing Beer Adventures in the U.S.

As the world (slowly) opens back up again, it’s a perfect time to start planning a beer adventure – get out, move around, visit someplace new, have a road trip, and taste some brews! Brewery towns across the country make this easy with special events and tours of their own. Here are several of our favorites.

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1. The Great American Beer Festival

The Great American Beer Festival is an enormous beer contest that takes place in Denver every year, culminating in final awards presented in September. It’s often considered the ultimate authority on the best craft beers in the United States, with awards for nearly every beer category you can imagine. Of course, Denver has plenty of events, deals, and new beers to commemorate the festival and make a trip worth every minute.

2. The Bend Ale Trail

With more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the country, the small city of Bend, Oregon, needed a way to introduce tourists to all it has to offer. The Bend Ale Trail was the solution, a passport-based trail of key breweries throughout Central Oregon with a handy little app to keep track of all the breweries you hit: Check off enough breweries on the list, and you can enter a contest for special prizes, qualify for gift cards, and more. The Ale Trail is updated every year to make room for new breweries (currently up to around 22)! If you like the idea, more and more West Coast cities are adopting this idea of “beer trails” to make exploration easier.


3. The Craft Beer Trail of the West

Speaking of beer trails…if you really want to go big on your beer road trip, this enormous Craft Beer Trail will give you the exact route to follow to land in notable towns around the heart of the country, each famous for their local breweries. The trail starts in Great Falls, Montana, and explores New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado before ending in Arizona – but you can plan your personal route however you want!

4. The Charleston Brews Cruise

This is a famous Charleston bus tour focused on, well, drinking beer. The average tour stops at three popular breweries in the city for a tour and several samples provided at each stop, with an alternate, shorter tour option with only two stops but more time spent enjoying the pubs. You can book well in advance to plan your adventure.

5. Arizona Beer Week

Arizona Beer Week (currently a whole month to allow for safety precautions) features special beer events and festivals throughout the state, including tastings, education, beer dinners, and the especially popular Strong Beer Festival. There’s something for everyone.

6. Maine Brew Bus Tours

Feel like checking out New England? If you make your way up to Portland, Maine, the open-air Maine Brew Bus specializes in tours and tastings of the most famous local breweries (all fully updated with COVID-19 guidelines at the moment so the tours can still go on). Portland also has walking and running tour events for those who would prefer more exercise. You can visit for just a few days to get the full beer experience or make it part of a larger New England trek!


7. San Diego Beer Week

San Diego stretches its Beer Week out to a full 10 days of celebrating craft beer, promoted by the combination of more than 150 independent breweries in the region, with events spanning multiple pubs and breweries in the area. The festival is typically held in November and events will keep updating as final plans are made, so don’t be afraid to keep checking in!


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