Best Beer Die Table Designs: How to Create Your Own

Best Beer Die Table Designs: How to Create Your Own

Beer Die is beer pong’s cooler cousin. Beer Die takes the game up a notch by using a 6-sided die instead of a ping-pong ball. This drinking game requires a lot of hand-eye coordination, which makes it more fun the drunker you get!


How To Play

  1. Set up around a table that’s 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, and place one plastic cup full of beer in each corner of the table. Have each team sit on either side of the table on chairs that are about half an arm’s length away from each of the corners of the table, and make sure that each player remains seated the entire game.
  2. The game begins with the oldest player throwing the die, and then proceeds clockwise. Each throw must be thrown underhand, and the die must be thrown at least 8 feet in the air each time.
  3. When you throw the die, your goal is to get the die to bounce off the opposite team’s side of the table and then onto the floor without them catching it. If the die successfully falls on the floor after bouncing on the opposite side of the table, your team gets one point.
  4. If it is the other team’s turn to throw the die, then your team should try to catch the die in one hand after the die bounces off the table and before it hits the floor.
  5. The game ends when a team wins by scoring five points or when someone loses by knocking their own cup over.
  6. Both you and your teammate must drink if: you fail to throw the die the required 8 feet, the die stops on the table, the die lands inside your or your teammates cup, or the die hits your cup.
  7. Special Rule: If you say the numbers 5 or 7, then you must take a drink. 5 should be referred to as “bizz,” and 7 should be referred to as “buzz” for the duration of the game.


How to Set-Up Your Own Game

  1. Find a table that is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide.
  2. Set up your table somewhere outside or somewhere that isn’t carpeted. (Drinks may spill!)
  3. Use chairs without arms because the arms may interfere with your playing.
  4. Use stickers or paint to mark where each of the four cups should go.
  5. Use stickers, duct tape or masking tape to put a line down the middle of the table to mark the two scoring zones.
  6. Measure out 8 feet somewhere close to the table and mark it. You can mark a door frame, rulers that are taped together, or a tree to help you visualize how high the die must be thrown.
  7. Have some extra drinks on hand! Beer Die can take a long time to play, so keep the buzz going by having a hard seltzer in your Seltzer Hut koozie. Our 12-ounce slim-can koozies will keep your drink cold the entire game! Seltzer Hut’s slim-can insulated koozie works effectively to keep your drink cold because we insulate our slim-can koozies with copper. Our koozie for slim cans even come in a variety of colors, so you can give each team their own team color.

Enjoy setting up your game of Beer Die and keep the drinks rolling!

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