Best Canned Wine for Mommy Playdates

Best Canned Wine for Mommy Playdates

Every mom deserves some R&R, but with jam-packed schedules and kids to take care of, finding the time to unwind with friends can be difficult. So, why not combine your kids’ playdates with some mommy wine time? Here are four yummy slim-can wines to try at your next playdate!

1. Ruby Grapefruit Ramona

This refreshingly fruity wine would pair well with a playdate spent basking in the sun. Dazzle your mommy friends with some Ruby Grapefruit Ramonas at your next outing in the park. Let your kids get their energy out by running around in the grass, while you sit back and relax. And don’t forget your Seltzer Hit koozies! Our koozies come in a plethora of different colors, which will help you tell everyone’s drinks apart. With copper insulation, our koozies will keep your drinks cool and delicious throughout the entire playdate!

2. Pampelonne Rosé Lime

Pampelonne’s Rosé Lime is perfect for a backyard playdate. Keep the kids occupied with a kiddie pool, while you chill out on a towel or chair with a can of rosé. This slightly tart rosé tastes like a lime soda, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves tart candies and bubbly drinks. Keep cool in the sun while you and your mommy friends watch your kiddos splash around in your backyard pool. This light treat even has a lower alcohol content, which will help you feel relaxed without completely distracting you from monitoring your kids’ little pool party. Just remember, hot days call for ice-cold rosés!

3.The Drop Red Wine 

This red wine from California is a tasty year-round option for parties and other get-togethers. And for summer months, it’s perfect for outdoor BBQs with your mommy friends and their kids. This sparkling red wine is sure to delight your taste buds and keep your conversations going while you cook and watch your kids play in the backyard. Make sure to use your Seltzer Hut koozie as the perfect accessory for your grilling session. It will keep your drink cold and fizzy no matter how many times you must set it down to tend to the food or kids.

4. Lila Sparkling Wine

 For mommies who want something super sweet, as opposed to fruity or tart, try Lila’s Sparkling Wines! These sparkling wines are deliciously sweet and come in two different flavors: a sweet sparkling white, and a candy-flavored rosé. Enjoy some cans of this sweet concoction with a fun and different activity like a homemade brunch! Invite your mommy friends over to make brunch together to make all your brunch favorites — eggs, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, bacon, and, of course, wine! But ditch the hassle of having to buy champagne and orange juice to mix mimosas by buying canned wine instead! Canned wine comes pre-mixed and ready to go without any extra work needed from you. Just pop the tab and enjoy!

No matter your playdates setting, find the time to relax and enjoy you mom friends with a colorful Seltzer Hut koozie and a tasty can of wine!



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