Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day (with a drink in a Seltzer Hut Koozie)

Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day (with a drink in a Seltzer Hut Koozie)

Earth Day is a great way to give some love back to the planet that takes such good care of us. There are lots of ways to show the planet some love without making it too complicated. From cleaning up outside to helping new life grow, the number of different Earth Day activities is endless! And after your outdoor excursions, don’t forget to unwind with your favorite slim can drink in your Seltzer hut koozie. Here are some ideas for celebrating Earth Day!

1. Plant a Tree

Help foster some new life on the planet by planting a potted tree. Make sure to dig a hole wider than your tree, cut any balled-up roots with a sharp knife, and give your tree lots of water. After your tree is in the ground, relax with a cold beer in your Seltzer Hut koozie and celebrate your contributions to the planet. Seltzer Hut’s koozies are perfect for keeping your drink ice cold. Our koozies are also reusable, which makes them perfect for keeping your Earth Day green! 

2. Clean Up Some Litter

Take some time on Earth Day to pick up litter either in your neighborhood or somewhere like your local park. Litter can be dangerous for wildlife, so do your part to keep public areas nice and safe for everything that calls it home! While the litter may not be your mess, it is your planet, so help keep it looking green.

 3. Make Mini Planters Out of K-Cups

Start your own little herb garden by reusing your old k-cups from your coffee machine. It’s super easy! All you need to do is cut off the top label of the k-cup, clean out the cup with warm water, add potting soil, add whatever herb seeds you want, give them a little water, and then set them up by a window to get plenty of sun. After your herbs have grown, don’t forget to use them in all of your favorite recipes!

 4. Spend Some Time Outside

Earth Day is about celebrating the planet, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to bask in the beauty of nature. One great option is to walk around your neighborhood and take the time to enjoy the natural sights that you might otherwise miss in the rush of the day. Or you can take a bike ride to your local park for a picnic of your favorite foods and slim can drinks with your friends! Don’t forget to bring your Seltzer Hut koozies with you to help keep your drinks cool no matter how far away your local park is. 

Whatever you decide to do, go slow and enjoy your time soaking up the sun’s rays and the beauty of the nature around you. And don’t forget to recycle any of your slim can drinks. Do your part to keep the Earth healthy and happy so that way it can keep taking care of us!

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