Concerts Are Back: What to Wear

Concerts Are Back: What to Wear

Little by little, long-awaited music festivals are making a comeback and we’re itching to get back to live performances. There’s nothing quite like that wave of awe and excitement when your favorite artist hits the stage, almost like an electric current flowing through your veins and sending chills up your spine. 

It’s been a while since most of us have dressed for a concert but have no fear. We’ve got the rundown on concert outfit ideas so you can find that perfect look for your personal style:

Neon Clothes 

Neon clothes made their triumphant return last summer and onto the runways this fall. Although their revival is different from the 80s, they definitely make for a cute concert outfit. Trendy vibrant hues are a great way to up your concert outfit game.

For those who want a less bold look, just one neon accessory can work miracles for your outfit. Get ready to rule the neon aesthetic with our highlighter bundaroo stainless steel koozie set.

Net Bags

net bag with fruit

Stylish and practical, netting material is making an appearance on bags, especially in warm weather. Net bags make a great music festival accessory because they meet the see-through bag requirement of most concert venues and provide storage space.

You can even pair it with a band tee or distressed jeans for an effortlessly cool vibe.

Don’t forget to pack one of our slim can koozies and a cold seltzer for the road in your net bag!

Y2K Aesthetic

90’s fashion is having a major moment. Y2K is the reappearance of late 90s and early 2000s clothing trends and aesthetics. This radically distinctive look is futuristic with a retro edge. Think ruched pants, butterfly hair clips, mom jeans, bandanas, and major Elle Woods vibes.



Complete this concert look with one of our slim can insulators. Cold seltzer guaranteed. What? Like it's hard?

Butterfly Print

Another 90’s trend has fluttered back into our wardrobes: butterfly print. And we are living for it. If you’re looking for an easy way to introduce some Y2K butterfly into your concert wardrobe, mesh tops and jewelry are go-to’s.

Mesh tops can be paired with a bralette and jean shorts for a summer concert outfit. Butterfly earrings or a gold butterfly necklace create a subtle Y2K look. Blue butterfly print teams well with our Tropical Bunadroo slim can koozie set. 

Slim Koozie

slim can koozie

Warm alcohol sucks. A Seltzer Hut koozie is a win-win because you can: 1. Keep your drink of choice crisp and cold & 2. Up your festival accessory game.

All of our slim can koozies are triple-insulated and stainless steel. Enjoy with White Claws, Truly, Michelob Ultras, or any other slim can treats!

Colored Sunglasses 

Yellow sunglasses

Beloved by and celebs like Bella Hadid, tinted sunglasses are taking over. They pull together any concert outfit with an extra pop of excitement and just make you feel cool. If you want to feel like a pop star too, these are the perfect addition to your accessory list.

Cow Print

Cow print just might be the coolest animal print trend yet. There’s so much you can do with this western-inspired trend. Most cow-print pieces are black or brown which makes it easy to pair with neutrals on neons.

Whether you're laying low at a country concert or ready to rock out at a rock concert, you can't go wrong with some live music and a Seltzer Hut koozie in hand. Shop our insulated koozie collection and don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram!

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