How Hard Seltzer is Made

How Hard Seltzer is Made

Hard seltzers are all the rage this summer. Not only are hard seltzers delicious, but they also offer the ultimate summer vibes that makes them perfect for a day spent with friends in the sun. With tons of yummy flavors to choose from, a low alcohol content, a low price, and only about a hundred calories per can, hard seltzers have been the go-to summer drink for a few years now. Hard seltzers are one of the best-selling alcoholic drinks on the market, but how exactly are hard seltzers made? Let’s take a dive into the production of hard seltzers to learn how this popular drink is made!

How Companies Make Their Hard Seltzer

  1. Making the Alcohol: Every good hard seltzer starts with the alcohol, which is usually made with one of two ingredients. Most companies will either ferment cane sugar or use malted barley, which keeps the alcohol by volume low -- usually around 5%.
  2. Adjusting the Water’s Flavor: Hard seltzers have a lot of water in them, which means that the flavor of the water will affect the way the drink tastes. Therefore, brewers will sometimes add minerals to water (like calcium chloride and/or calcium sulfate) to improve the taste.
  3. Fermenting the Sugar/Barley: The fermentation is essentially accomplished by boiling the sugar/barley and water and then cooling it at very specific temperatures that change from brewers to brewer.
  4. Adding Carbon Dioxide: Next, brewers will add carbon dioxide to the drink. This step helps remove excess flavors leftover from the fermenting process. The carbon dioxide helps brewers better control the taste of the hard seltzer by creating an almost neutral-tasting alcohol base.
  5. Adding Some Flavor: To make a hard seltzer taste good, flavor needs to be added. Usually it’s fruit flavors that are added to the drink, as well as citric acid to really bring out the fruitiness of the flavoring.
  6. Adding Carbonation: Finally, it’s time to add the bubbles! Half the fun of drinking a hard seltzer is the carbonation, which makes this last step very important!

And there you have it! This is how brewers make your favorite hard seltzers! While it may not sound too difficult, there is a surprising amount of math, chemistry, and trial and error involved in the making of your favorite hard seltzer flavors. One standard formula or combination of flavors doesn’t work for every hard seltzer, which means that brewers are constantly trying something new to keep making drinks and flavors that you’ll love!

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