National Drink Beer Day: Best Slim Can Beers

National Drink Beer Day: Best Slim Can Beers

It’s National Drink Beer Day, which means it’s time to celebrate this special day with the perfect slim-can beer! For this special day, you can stick with your old-school favorites or try something new and branch out with something more niche. Whatever your preference, here are 4 slim-can beers to party with on National Drink Beer Day!


1. Michelob Ultra 12oz Slim Can

A Michelob Ultra is a low-cal spin on a classic choice for a day dedicated to drinking beer. This slim-can option is only 95 calories per can, and it only has 2.6 grams of carbs! With fewer calories and freer carbs per drink, Michelob Ultra lets you drink more without having to worry about ruining your diet. These drinks are also easy to find at your local liquor or grocery store!


2. Bud Light Lime and Lemonade

Bud Light’s Lime and Lemonade drinks are a great option for those who want something with a little more zest than an original Bud Light. Both drinks come in under 150 calories, which makes them a yummy treat! Bud Light Lime is made by brewing the beer with lime peels to give it that fruity flavor, while Bud Light Lemonade is made with lemonade. Both drinks pack a lot of flavor, and they even come in a variety pack that includes other flavors like grapefruit and orange citrus.


3. Sweet Action Pale Ale

Sweet Action is a pale ale that’s sure to keep you reaching for more! Brewed by SixPoint Brewery, Sweet Action is with hints of peach flavor and Canadian White Wheat that gives it its pale color and smooth taste. This pale ale is a slightly more expensive option, which makes it great for a relaxing night in with your partner or with a small group of close friends. Sweet Action is a more niche option for those who want to try something new to celebrate their love of beer!


4. Harpoon Rec. League

Crafted by Harpoon Beers, Rec. League is another great pale ale option to commemorate this special day! It has an appealing hay-like color with a juicy flavor that will keep you refreshed until the very last drop. It’s a hoppy beer with a fruity aroma that’s sure to please any beer fan. You can get it in a 15-pack, which makes it perfect for celebrating the day with a good beer and even better friends.


Now that you have some great beer options for National Drink Beer Day, you can’t forget your Seltzer Hut koozie! Our 12-ounce slim-can koozies will keep each beer you drink ice cold and delicious. They even come in a variety of cool colors, which means you can have a slim-can koozie for every day dedicated to celebrating your favorite drink! Our koozies for slim cans are insulated with copper, which makes our slim-can insulated koozies one of the most effective koozies on the market. Celebrate National Drink Beer Day the right way with a Seltzer Hut koozie!

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