Top 10 Unique Breweries in the U.S.

Top 10 Unique Breweries in the U.S.

At Seltzer Hut, we make our triple-walled aluminum and copper koozie products so you can enjoy a cold beer anywhere – but that works best when you have some exciting destinations in mind! Here’s a list to get you dreaming: These are some of the most unique breweries around the country and why they’re perfect for a trip.

1. Hill Farmstead – Greensboro Bend, VT

“Farmstead” isn’t just a clever name for this brewery: It’s literally in an old farmhouse in the middle of miles of fields and beautiful forests of Vermont. That makes this brewery a little difficult to reach, but it remains one of the most popular brewery destinations in the country for good reason (plus the views are incredible).

2. Yuengling – Pottsville, PA

Frequently considered the oldest operating breweries in the country, this is an incredible stop for any history buffs that like to combine their brews with interesting tales about the past. Make sure you stay for the tour, which includes views of hand-dug fermentation caves.

3. Against the Grain – Lousiville, KY

This little brewery is the solution we’ve all been waiting for – it’s built within Louisville Slugger Field so fans can watch a minor league game and grab a locally-made craft beer at the same time. Schedule a visit for a game to kill two birds with one stone.

4. Monhegan Brewing Company – Monhegan ME

The amazing thing is that there’s more than one brewery located on the remote islands around Maine. However, the most isolated is probably Monhegan, a small one-house brewery tucked away on an island community too tiny to even think of as a town. It’s also closed for half the year because of weather issues, so just getting to this brewery is a tale worth telling.

5. Trapp Family Lodge Brewery – Stowe, VT

The Von Trapps – yes, the “Sound of Music” Von Trapps – always wanted to open a brewery, and finally succeeded with this beautiful mountain lodge. To no one’s surprise, it specializes in Austrian-style beers, and pairs perfectly with snow sports.


6. Spencer Trappist Ale – Spencer, MA

Plenty of breweries are found in churches, but for the authentic experience, you’ll want to visit a real Trappist brewery – located, in this case, at St. Joseph’s Abbey and the first true Trappist brewery to set up outside of Europe. The brewery itself is available only to the monks, but you can still purchase a tasty bottle!

7. Golden Road Brewing – Los Angeles, CA

This massive brewery is located in an old shipping station and is still next to an active rail line. All that space provides tons of room for family-friendly games, a doggy deck where you can get tasty doggy treats for your pet, and more. The brewery even holds a weekly jog and yoga class – but you may be more interested in the professional tours.

8. Cascade Brewing Company – Portland, OR

Cascade is famous for a special event called Tap It Tuesdays, where fans can sign up to be a Tapper or a Holder and tap a new keg of a delicious, unique beer. While Tap It Tuesdays are currently on hold for obvious reasons, when they come back make sure you sign up early – the waiting list is often months long for the privilege!


9. Three Floyds – Munster, IN

This death metal brewery is famous for the metal concert it holds on “Dark Lord Day” in April, where it also releases its famous dark stouts. Tickets can be hard to come by, but if you’re looking for a new experience it’s definitely worth planning for. Otherwise, metalheads will enjoy the breweries themes year-round!

10. Asheville Brewing Company – Asheville, NC

There are plenty of breweries that are combined with movie theaters, but Asheville is one of the most famous, with is $3 movies and delicious, interesting brew experiments. In good weather, there’s also an excellent outdoor patio to enjoy, and tours can be arranged ahead of time.


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