What Your Favorite Slim Can Drink Says About You?

What Your Favorite Slim Can Drink Says About You?

Personality tests, popular internet quizzes, and astrology all say that they hold the key to understanding your personality. But what if it didn’t have to be so complicated? What if instead of using Google or some expert, you just looked inside your fridge? Your favorite slim can drinks can reveal more about you than you’d think. Let’s take a look at just how much you can learn from your drink of choice! 

1. Alcohol-Infused Nitro Cold Brew Hipster

Alcohol-infused nitro cold brews are a relatively new addition to the mainstream slim can market. Now, if you read that sentence and thought, Well, my fridge has been full of them for years, then you’re a Hipster. Your love of novelty coffee first drew you to these kinds of drinks, and your firm belief that drinking coffee shouldn’t stop at 5 o’clock makes them your favorite drink.

The only thing you love more than drinking coffee with alcohol in it is introducing your favorite drink into other people’s lives. Your friends always come to you to learn about the newest trends before they even happen, which is why you’ve been telling them about Seltzer Hut’s koozies for ages. You’ll no doubt be excited to share your love of this drink with your friends, as long as they promise to say that you showed it to them first.

2. Mom Friend Rosé Sweetheart

If rosé wine is your go-to, then you’re probably the Mom Friend Sweetheart. You are equal parts Splenda and responsibility, which makes you the perfect addition to every friend group. Not only do you help keep everyone alive, but always carry extra snacks, words of wisdom, and canned rosé as sweet as your personality. Whether picnicking in the park, taking a break on a road trip, or hanging out at home with a friend who really wants to text their ex, you always have the perfect canned wine to make the situation a good time.

But how do you keep the wine cold after it leaves the fridge? Well, like any responsible Mom Friend, you use Seltzer Hut’s koozies to keep your rosé refreshing! The koozies fit snugly around your favorite slim-canned rosé, so they don’t take up any extra space. Whether or not you actually have kids, your purse is a soccer mom’s dream survival kit. With rosé, Band-Aids, hand wipes, and a single black Sharpie, you’re easily the most responsible person in the room.

3. Easy-Going Canned Beer Fan

Beer in slim cans is the easy-goer’s top choice because why wouldn’t it be? It’s cheap, and it tastes good enough. Most importantly, beer can be found in literally every grocery store, which means there’s no need for special trips to the liquor store. You’re can even get your gameday snacks and drinks all in one go. Your easy-going nature would baffle someone like the Hipster who has to go to three different liquor stores because the first two just didn’t carry the right vibes. But to you, beer is beer, so you’re a fan of it all.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a crisp can of cold beer during that night’s weekly sports game. You know that koozies from Seltzer Hut are a must for keeping your drinks cold throughout the game—even if it goes into overtime! And you’re just so happy to sit with your cold beer and watch the tv that you don’t even really care who wins. You’re just excited to be there.

4. Bubbly Hard Seltzer Fanatic

If parties and tipsy game nights are incomplete without your favorite hard seltzers, then you’re probably the Bubbly Fanatic. Your friends know you as the party friend who finds joy in everything and whose personality is as bubbly and contagious as your love of your favorite drinks. Before you came along, your friends favored bottles of booze over slim cans, but you’ve since taught them the error of their ways. You’ve proven that the versatility of your canned hard seltzers is unmatched, and now that all of your friends have switched to canned drinks, your Mom Friend doesn’t have to sweep up every time someone gets too drunk and drops a glass bottle.

From pool days to nights out at bars that play really good music but charge too much for their drinks, your favorite drinks keep the fun going without breaking the bank. And every Bubbly Fanatic knows that Seltzer Hut’s koozies are the way to go. No one likes a warm hard seltzer, let alone you, so you’re always sure to have your seltzer wrapped in the chilling embrace of a koozie! Your friends will appreciate the cold hard seltzers that always keep the party going.

5. Canned Cocktail Collector

If your fridge consists of nothing but takeout containers and rows of slim-can cocktails, then you must be the Collector. From Moscow mules to margaritas, your fridge has all the alcohol you could ever need. Your collection is the highlight of your apartment, so you do everything to keep your friends from getting too carried away with it when they come over. Unfortunately, your reminder of “Two per night” spelled out with your magnetic poetry set is never quite enough to deter your friends from going for a third or a fourth.

Seeing as your canned cocktails are a precious commodity, you’re the kind of person who likes to tell other people how to best enjoy their drink to make sure the cocktail isn’t wasted. Most of your advice goes unheeded, except for your recommendation that they use one of Seltzer Hut’s koozies to help keep their cocktails from getting warm. You find that you trust Seltzer Hut’s koozies with your cocktails more than you do any of your friends. Perhaps, you should consider meeting at the local bar instead of your apartment for your weekly get together. Or maybe, you need new friends.

While it’s true that your favorite drink can say a lot about you, there’s no shame in enjoying the drinks you love! So, remember whatever your personality type, drink with your head held high!

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